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Estonian Gardnes MTÜ

Estonian Gardens MTÜ is a nonprofit organisation. You are visiting Estonian Gardens web-based database that provides information about interesting and unique Estonian collection and ornamental gardens. Our database is updated regularly, providing gardening experts and enthusiasts a comprehensive source of current information. In addition, we aim to share information about public and private show gardens in Estonia that are open for visitations. Our goal is to encourage and increase local interest in the art of gardening in Estonia, and promote touring gardens as a form of entertainment and vacation activity. We also hope to expand interest among foreigners and tourists in Estonian gardens open for visitors, and thereby support the local economy and tourism. We intend to make the information on this website available in other languages, including English and Finnish. Adding information about new gardens is free of charge to the garden owners. All donations, big or small, are very welcome. By donating you support the development and maintenance of this web environment. When donating, please add the word “donation” to the payment information box. Thank you to all of those who have already supported us!