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Aiastiilide jaotusi võib leida eri raamatutest ja internetist väga erinevaid. Siin on lähtutud klassikalisest jaotusest, mille kohaselt põhilisi aiastiile on kaks: range ja geomeetriline regulaaraed ning selle vastand vabakujuline aed ehk inglise stiilis aed. Kuskil nende kahe vahepeal on leidnud endale koha modernne aed, milles on nii regulaaraia kui vabakujulise aia elemente. Väga palju Eesti eraaedu on vabakujuliselt või modernselt kujundatud. Regulaaraia tuntuim näide asub Kadrioru pargis.

Contemporary garden

This style of garden can be defined by the use 'clean' design lines, with focus on hard landscaping materials like metal, hardwood, beton. Planting style is bold but simple with the use of drifts of one or two plants that repeat throughout the design. Grasses are a very popular choice for this style of design. Lighting effects also play an integral role in the modern garden.

English garden, Naturalistic gardens

The English landscape style is the known influence that shifted from formal, symmetrical gardens to a looser, irregular style. The English garden classically includes rolling lawns, tree growes, sculptures and water.

Formal garden

An ordered garden laid out in carefully planned geometric and often symmetrical lines. Lawns and hedges in a formal garden need to be kept neatly clipped for maximum effect. Trees, shrubs, subshrubs and other foliage are carefully arranged, shaped and continually maintained.