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Teemaaed on kategooria , mis aitab huvilisel üles leida just sellised aiad, mis teda kõige rohkem huvitavad. Kellele meeldiks külastada romantilisi taluaedu, kes huvitub aga hoopis kiviktaimla asunikest või turbaaia uudistamisest. Teemaaedade nimekiri on palju pikem, oleme siin välja toonud vaid mõned. Kui siit nimekirjast ei leia soovitut, tasub kasutada otsingut, mis viib Sind kindlasti sobiva aiani.

Cottage garden

The cottage garden is a distinct style of garden that uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants.

Flower meadow

Native wild flower meadows do best in sunny places where grass grows thinly. Wildflower meadows are an alternative to lawns and borders, and can provide a display for many months.

Gravel garden

A gravel garden is a great option for a low maintenance garden. It also lends itself to Mediterranean-style drought-tolerant planting so things like lavender, euphorbias, Cistus are ideal for this type of garden. Predominantly sandy or gravelly soil naturally lends itself to this type of style. Sunny area is best for gravel garden plants.

Herbs garden

The herb garden is often a separate space in the garden, devoted to growing a specific group of plants known as herbs. These gardens may be informal patches of plants, or they may be carefully designed. Herb gardens may be purely functional or they may include a blend of functional and ornamental plants.

Peat garden

Peat garden is for plants that like moist, acid soil conditions.

Perennial garden

Perennials are plants whose top portion dies to the ground every year, surviving the winter to re-emerge the following spring from an underground storage structure, generally living for three or more years. They offer seasonal interest with specific blooming periods.

Rock garden, alpine garden

A rock garden is a small field or plot of ground designed to feature and emphasize a variety of rocks and stones along with plants. Plants commonly found in rock gardens are small.

Woodland garden

Woodland garden is designed to a wooded area. It is different from open area gardening because of sunlight, moisture, and drainage.